December 18, 2014

Red Bull Rant 128: Cliffhanger!

The guys are back to wrap up the 2014 season, air some grievances, and tease something for 2015.

December 4, 2014

RBR 127: A Farewell to Arms... and legs...

The boys are back to talk about the last game of the Henry era, and what the last 4.5 years meant. They also tackle the list of post-season moves made in the days after their season ended.

November 24, 2014

November 20, 2014

Red Bull Rant 125: Say you want the Revolution

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to look at the New York Red Bulls' first ever trip to the MLS Eastern Conference Finals. Was Bradley Wright-Phillips and Thierry Henry screwed out of being finalists for MLS MVP? Pat has an issue with how the MLS Owners and their complaining about Jurgen Klinsmann. The guys are joined by Jake Catanese of The Bent Musket to take a look at the New England Revolution and how they've been since the addition of Jermaine Jones to the lineup.

November 13, 2014

Red Bull Rant 124: French Fried Chicken

The boys are back with Daniel Feuerstein to look at the Red Bulls 3-2 aggregate victory over D.C. United in the MLS Cup playoffs. They also look at NYC FC and their first "original" jersey.

November 6, 2014

Red Bull Rant 123: Dos A DC

The boys are back to look at the 2-0 win over D.C. United in the 2014 MLS Eastern Conference Semifinals. They sit down with Jason Anderson of Black & Red United to see what to expect in Leg 2. Finally the preview Leg 3 with Pat getting a special "man in the street" prediction.

November 1, 2014

Red Bull Rant 122: Sucks to be KC

Jason & Truman are back in a short episode to talk about the play-in match against Sporting Kansas City and to preview the first leg of the series against D.C. United

October 27, 2014

Red Bull Rant 121: The Bradley Bunch

 photo lampardoregontrail_zpsed2f57f2.jpg

Like the Oregon Trail and crossing the Missouri/Kansas border? Then this is the show for you! The guys are back on short rest to look ahead to the New York Red Bulls playoff match against their last opponent, Sporting Kansas City. Also on the dockett today is talk of Chivas USA going bye-bye (for two years), and how MLS will realign with NYC FC and Orlando City SC joining the fold in 2015. The Red Bull Rant has a fantasy league (remember that?) and they look at who won the league in 2014.

October 23, 2014

Red Bull Rant 120: Cowpocolypse Now

The boys are back to talk about the disappoint 3-1 loss in the home finale to the Columbus Crew and the CCL match that time forgot (already). They talk to Dave Martinez about the end of the year, Connor Lade, Klinsmann vs Garber, and Altidore/Agudelo. In the final segment, the guys offer their thoughts on Altidore/Agudelo, the Red Bulls' playoff scenarios, and preview the Sporting Kansas City match.

October 16, 2014

Red Bull Rant 119: Thierry's last stand...?

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to discuss the 3-1 win over Toronto FC and clinching a playoff spot as Houston was eliminated. Rumor has it Andy Roxburgh is leaving the Red Bulls at the end of the year. Was his tenure successful? The guys then talk to Matt Goshert of Massive Report to talk New Crew , the playoffs, and Klinsmann vs Garber. They preview the Columbus match and asks "who cares?" about the CCL match. Finally the guys give their own thoughts on JK vs DG and fantasy booking for a wrestling match.

October 9, 2014

Red Bull Rant 118: G’day, G’Afternoon, and G’bye

The boys are back after Jason survived being sick to review the Houston match, a possible RBNY rebrand and a listener calls the guys out. Jason & Truman pick up the slack when Pat leaves, talking to Duncan Fletcher of Waking the Red. Lastly they preview the match against Toronto FC.

September 25, 2014

Red Bull Rant 117: Tony, Hey!

The New York Red Bulls beat the best team in MLS! Then they got eliminated from the CONCACAF Champions League. Tony Meola joins the show to talk about early MLS days, the growth of the league, and how the Red Bulls are doing. Finally the guys preview the LA Galaxy match and wonder why Tim Cahill is going on international duty at an important time.

September 18, 2014

Red Bull Rant 116: The Great Game Robbery

The boys are back to talk about a disappointing week in MLS & CONCACAF where the Red Bulls only picked up 1 point in 2 road games. After taking a look at the playoff picture, Jason has a sit down between the new MLS Logo (the shield) and the old Logo (the ball/foot), for an inside look into the change by MLS. Lastly the boys preview the upcoming MLS match against the Seattle Sounders and CONCACAF match at C.D. FAS.

September 11, 2014

Red Bull Rant 115: RBA A-OK

Jason & Pat take a look at the New York Red Bulls two wins against the top of the East. A listener asks if Petke should be gone if the Red Bulls don't make the playoss. They preview the last match against the Philadelphia Union, and the midweek CCL match against the Montreal Impact.

September 4, 2014

Red Bull Rant 114: Red Bulls go full racoon

You never go full racoon! The New York Red Bulls did though in a 2-0 loss at D.C. United. At least they didn't get hit by concrete when leaving RFK. They are joined by Dave Martinez to see why the Red Bulls currently sit 7th in the east. They try to predict the Sporting Kansas City & D.C. United home matches, and pay tribute to retiring Star-Ledger writer Frank Giase.

August 28, 2014

Red Bull Rant 113: Sounds Like a Broken Record

The guys ae back after the Red Bulls secure 6 points to talk Forza Lucha, and the victories over the Montreal Impact & CD FAS.They are then joined by Adam (not Dan) Taylor of Black & Red United and the Filibuster Podcast to talk RBNY-D.C. United, Eddie Johnson, Jermain Jones, and CONCACAF Champions League.

August 24, 2014

Red Bull Rant 112.5: Montreal Postgame

Jason & Truman in a short post game recording revel in the New York Red Bulls 4-2 win over the Montreal Impact, and a successful Forza Lucha Event. Who's that, oh, just Oleg the Usurper (@olegtheusurper) with an onion.

August 21, 2014

Red Bull Rant 112: The Red Bull Forza Lucha Christmas in August Spectacular!

Jason, Pat & Truman are back after a New York Red Bulls bye week to review the upcoming Forza Lucha event. The interview Forza Lucha referee Dan Yost to find out what makes both wrestling & soccer referees. In the final segment, the guys preview the league match against the Montreal Impact and the CONCACAF Champions League against C.D. FAS.

August 14, 2014

Red Bull Rant 111: Shithouse

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to take a look at the New York Red Bulls' 1-0 loss at the Chicago Fire. They look at the trade of Andre Akpan for Saer Sene. They are joined by guest Jimmy Conrad to look at what's been going wrong for the Red Bulls in 2014 and where they can improve. They talk about MLS referees, answer questions from the internet and Jimmy give his best moment from the World Cup. In the final segment, Festivus comes early as the guys air their grievances towards the Red Bulls and MLS.

August 7, 2014

Red Bull Rant 110: Pep In Name Only

The boys are back to talk about the New York Red Bulls first come from behind victory of the year, and they did it with 10 men just to spite themselves. Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill, and Bradley Wright-Phillips appeared in the MLS All-Star Game and did New York proud while Bayern Munich's Pep Guardiola embarassed himself. The guys then talk to Sean Spence of Hot Time In Old Town to talk Chicago Fire, where Mike Magee has been, and a quick Landon Donovan look back. Finaly they preview the Chicago match and how they fill in for two center backs being out on suspensions.

July 31, 2014

Red Bull Rant 109: A fistful of Garcia

Jason & Truman hold down the fort while Pat is away beating kids at soccer. Truman makes a lot of puns at the expense of Jamison Olave. The guys are joined by Jake Catanese (@JCatanese43) of The Bent Musket (@TheBentMusket) to talk New England Revolution, MLS All-Stars, and travelling to Red Bull Arena. Jason & Truman take their own look at the match against New England and the Red Bulls actually caring about player development by using loans.

July 24, 2014

Red Bull Rant 108: Really? Really? What the F$%k?

Jason & Truman are back (minus Pat at first) to figure out why the New York Red Bulls couldn't beat the San Jose Earthquakes, and why they need a defender from the French 2nd division. Bradley Wright-Phillips and Tim Cahill were added to the MLS All-Star roster. MLS Friendly season is in full swing, and the guys (now joined by Pat) discuss if it's worth it before diving into the Arsenal friendly and a few rounds of "Price is Right: Arsenal Edition". Lastly they look ahead to the midweek matchup at Real Salt Lake.

July 17, 2014

Red Bull Rant 107: How do you solve a problem like Miazga

Alternate Title: Cat Talk

Jason, Pat & Truman are back to look at the Red Bulls 2 games in 5 days, and excuse of "fatigue" by Mike Petke. They are joined by guest Dan Dickinson to look at the Red Bulls after 19 gmes. They discuss if the World Cup can help MLS in drawing attention to the league, and how the All-Star game is turning into US v Germany part 2. In the final segment, the guys give their thoughts on the All-Star game and predict the San Jose match. There is a guarantee for Fireworks either way.

July 10, 2014

Red Bull Rant 106: I’ll take the penalty is mightier for 200 Alex

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to look at the Red Bulls' 4th of July performance, including how they didn't weat a gimmicky jersey. Jonny Steele is off to (maybe) greener pastures while the Red Bulls get back some cap space. The crew is joined by Frano Panzio to discuss his adventures in Brazil, the Red Bulls' transfer window, and shocking moments in Brazil. In the third segment, they guys congratulate Connor Lade for being named to the Homegrown game, while barely playing this year. They preview the upcoming Red Bulls matches against the Columbus (not Cleveland) Crew, Philadelphia Union, and the World Cup final.

June 30, 2014

Red Bull Rant 105: The Cahill Clutch

The boys are back in a shortened episode to recap the 2-2 draw against Toronto FC. Costa Rica is having a surprising World Cup performance, while Rafa Marquez strikes again for Mexico. Lastly they preview the 4th of July match at Houston.

June 26, 2014

Red Bull Rant 104: Welcome Back Cahill

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back from their World Cup break to look at who cares and who doesn't about the US Open Cup match against the Cosmos. Tim Cahill is rumored to be pursued by A-League teams from Sydney. Pedro Gomes joins the show to have a long talk about the USMNT and the World Cup, followed by a short talk about the Red Bulls. The guys then break down the Toronto match and why some people should just leave well enough alone.

June 12, 2014

Red Bull Rant 103: The Tent is Coming Along

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to look at the Red Bulls first win in New England in 12 years. They take a look at the upcoming US Open Cup match agains the New York Cosmos, and why the hype isn't that great. They are then joined by guest Ian Perkins and talk about the beginning of the 2014 World Cup, and how England & the US will do.

June 5, 2014

Red Bull Rant 102: Pat & Truman’s relatively decent adventure

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back after a Red Bulls off week to talk about a game Red Bull Arena did host, the USMNT vs Turkey, and the pulse of the fans that Pat & Truman went to find. They take a look at the Red Bull Rant fantasy league. Next they look at Dax McCarty going under the knife and how that leads the Red Bulls to adjust the lineup against New England. After that, they talk about serenading bees, who would be who if RBR was the A-Team, and the biggest heel turn in WWE for a long time.

May 29, 2014

Red Bull Rant 101: 1 out of 2 IS bad

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to talk the Red Bulls last two matches against the Portland Timbers & Sporting Kansas City. They take a look at the Red Bull Rant fantasy league and the bet for the top. They talk transfer silly season, and the possible movement of Dax McCarty, Jozy Altidore, and Jermaine Jones. They talk US Open Cup and the matchup with the New York Cosmos. Finally, they take a quick look at the Red Bulls draw for the CONCACAF Champions League.

May 22, 2014

Red Bull Rant 100: Part 2

In part 2, Pat is finally able to be reached to give his thoughts, and the guys reminisce about the first 100 episodes.

Red Bull Rant 100: And they thought this wouldn’t last

In the special live 100th episode, Jason & Truman are joined by guest Daniel Feuerstein to talk USMNT 23 man roster, the Red Bulls loss at Toronto, and preview the upcoming matches against the Portland Timbers and Sporting Kansas City.

May 15, 2014

Red Bull Rant 99 problems and defense is all of them

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to take a look at the wild 5-4 loss to the Chicago Fire, and Jason's dislike isn't the referees. The crew reads off some listener mail , including an interesting proposition in the Red Bull Rant fantasy league. In the guest segment, the guys are joined by Zac Wassink to look at why Johnny Manziel being drafted is the reason the Red Bulls lost. In the final segment, they look at who will take over some spots during the FIFA break, and preview the match against Toronto FC.

May 8, 2014

Red Bull Rant 98: Dallas North Phillips

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to look at the 1-0 win at FC Dallas, where Bradley Wright-Phillips scored his 5th goal in 3 games, and Luis Robles stopped his first PK of 2014. They take a look at the Red Bull Rant fantasy league standings, and words are being exchanged at the top of the table. In the guest segment, Jason & Truman are joined by Sean Spence of Hot Time in Old Town while Pat sleeps through it (not that it makes a difference). They talk about why the Chicago Fire haven't won a game yet, how the Fire are lucky to not lose players to the World Cup, and a USL Pro partnership. In the final segment, Jason introduce the #WordsForDax movement. The guys discuss if Tim Cahill and Roy Miller should be let go early for the World Cup. Finally they preview the match against the Chicago Fire.

May 1, 2014

Red Bull Rant 97: Tying one on in Cowtown

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to recap the 1-1 draw at Columbus, and discuss if Roy Miller might be the best Left Back in MLS right now. They also discuss if it's OK to have players on your fantasy team if they play for real life rivals. The guys are joined in the guest segment by the founding members of the Irish, Scottish, English New York Red Bull Supporters. They discuss how the group got started, how they got into the Red Bulls, what it's like to watch from overseas, what they think of the 2014 season so far, and an infamous tattoo. In the final segment, the crew speculates about where Tim Cahill fits into the starting XI, and preview this weekend's match at FC Dallas.

April 24, 2014

Red Bull Rant 96: Who?-ston

Jason, Pat, & Truman start the show by reviewing the 4-0 win over the Houston Dynamo. Next, Jason & Truman talk to Dan Dickinson about the Houston, Bradley Wright-Phillips and the flu, MLS Expansion, MLS' TV deal, and the Columbus match. Jason, Pat, & Truman finish up the show by predicting the Columbus match and doing a quick EPL recap.

April 17, 2014

Red Bull Rant 95: How to beat fried worms

Dave Martinez is a man of many hats.
Jason, Pat, & Truman revel in the Red Bulls first win of the 2014 season while giving their likes & dislikes in their best Tim Cahill & Thierry Henry impressions. Then they are joined by Dave Martinez of Empire of Soccer and Seeing Red! to talk RBNY, Eric Alexander, MLS, Mexican Imports, Jozy Altidore, a possible 3rd DP and Ryan Meara. They also get Dave to spill on his time in a band, and ask what it would take to get him to leave Seeing Red and join the Red Bull Rant. In the third segment, the guys preview next week's match aginst the Houston Dynamo, and where should Tim Cahill line up on the field.

April 13, 2014

Red Bull Rant 94: Bad In D.C.

Jason, Pat, & Truman discuss the very disappointing 1-0 loss to D.C. United. Next they preview the midweek match against the Philadelphia Union. Lastly, they take a look at the recently release MLS Player Salaries.

April 11, 2014

Red Bull Rant 93: The Streak!

"If Magneto can bring down RFK, so can we." - Jason Iapicco

Jason, Pat, & Truman talk about the New York Red Bulls 4th straight draw after coming away with a 2-2 draw at the Montreal Impact. They talk field turf, travelling fans, a missed PK, and Dax McCarty playing through injury. Next, they are joined by Adam Taylor of to talk about the upcoming clash with rival D.C. United. They dive in to talk about the end of D.C.'s broken winless streak, Fabian Espindola, Ben Olsen, Chris Pontius, and the state of RFK Stadium. Lastly the guys wrap it up predicting the D.C. match, talking WrestleMaina and the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

April 3, 2014

Red Bull Rant 92: Three Ties a Lady

Jason & Truman tackle this week's show as Pat is off in Arizona for the US-Mexico match. They start by talking about the third straight 1-1 draw, this time at home against Chivas USA. They recap the prediction contest, and the Red Bull Rant fantasy league. The guys are then joined by Austin Fido (@canetop) to talk formations, injuries, and field turf. They take a look a this week's #SoccerHashtags with #BadStadiumNames. In the last segment, the guys look at the upcoming match at Montreal. Then, since Pat is absent, they look at Wrestlemania 30 with their predictions.

March 27, 2014

Red Bull Rant 91: Chicago Hope

The guys review the 1-1 Draw at Chiacgo, where at least Mike Magee didn't score. Matt Doyle joins to talk why Péguy Luyindula isn't in the starting lineup, why Henry played a withdrawn striker at Chicago, and the biggest weakness in the current RBNY formation. They also look at the biggest surprise in MLS thru 3 weeks, Julian Green, and Jozy Altidore. The guys go trough user submitted #SoccerSongs, and come up with their own #GrossPlayers. Finally, they preview the Chivas USA match.

March 20, 2014

Red Bull Rant 90: A Draw by Any Other Name

The guys break down the 1-1 Draw vs Colorado, including the lackluster performance by the Red Bulls and Referee. Daniel Feuerstein (@DFeuerstein) joins to really pile on the MLS referee situation and the Colorado performance. Then they look ahead to the Chicago match and if New York can finally win at Toyota Park. It's also the next edit of #SoccerHastags, as the guys come up with some #SoccerSongs. Finally the guys look back to listener responses to #SexySoccerTeams, and preview the Chicago match.

March 15, 2014

Red Bull Rant 89.1: Colorado Postgame

Jason & Truman sit down with members of the Empire Supporter's Club outside of El Pastor to discuss the 1-1 draw vs Colorado.

March 13, 2014

Red Bull Rant 89: Yuckersly

The Red Bulls lost 4-1 on opening day, how does that make Jason, Pat, & Truman feel? They give their first Dislike & Like of the Season. The guys read some listener mail, and what formation needs to happen. Guest Tim Hall gives his thoughts on Vancouver, then reminises about days gone by in Metro fandom. Next the guys take a page from the @midnight playbook and start their own #HashtagWars. Lastly the guys look ahead to the Colorado match and give their predictions.

March 6, 2014

Red Bull Rant 88: I’ll take The Red Bulls for 200 Alex

The crew is back in the 2014 season preview. They first talk about a Corey Hertzog signing in the Disney Pro Soccer Classic. RBNY & MSG have a new TV deal, and MLS might have to go with replacement referees. Truman & Pat go off on a Deadspin writer about his anti-MLS post. Frank Giase of the Star Ledger and joins the conversation to talk about the calm offseason, a post-Henry era, the depature of the team GM, and his season predictions. Then the guys give their predictions, including their dark horse player. Lastly it's time for the first match prediction of 2014 as the guys look at the Vancouver match.

February 27, 2014

Red Bull Rant 87: The Wide World of Red Bull

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back to recap the Red Bulls post season thus far, and determine whose stock has risen, and whose has fallen. A new away jersey has been leaked; will the guys love it or leave it? The MLS reserve league schedule is out, and it sucks, bad. The guys discuss a possible strike by the referees of MLS, and what it could mean. They also tackle the newly announced NASL "Championship". Then the show is wrapped up with a listener call, talk of Pat's favorite wrestler, the Repo Man, and a short Harold Ramis tribute.

February 6, 2014

Red Bull Rant 86: PATH Train Power Slam

Jason & Truman carry on after Pat goes missing, and talk about the few and far between transfers and the PATH Train shutdown madness. The guys are joined by wrestler AssailAnt (@BigBluANT) to talk about independent wrestling, Forza Lucha, National Wrestling Day 2014, and how Wrestling & Soccer crowds differ. They close the show talking about the Red Bulls preseason games, including the Disney Pro Soccer Classic, and a voicemail from an infamous caller.

January 16, 2014

Red Bull Rant 85: It’s a Bit Drafty in Here

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back and start 2014 off by talking RBNY transfers and rumors. They talk to J.R. Eskilson about the 2014 MLS Super Draft. They finish up the show talking the Red Bull schedule and how MLS sucks at helping the Red Bulls put butts in the seats.

January 10, 2014

Red Bull Rant is Joining Once a Metro

For those who aren't familiar, mid-2013, Matt Coyne of Once a Metro asked me (Jason Iapicco) if I wanted to join the writing staff, and I happily accepted. Being able to write for Once a Metro has truly been a privilege.

At the end of the 2013 season, Matt and I spoke about enhancing the Red Bull Rant-Once a Metro link. The talks weren't long, but did result in something that Matt, as well as myself, Pat, and Truman were looking for; a partnership. We are happy to announce that as of today, the Red Bull Rant will be the official podcast of Once a Metro.

For those of you who currently listen to Red Bull Rant, nothing will change. Our show will still be distributed via the same methods it has always been, whether that is iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and our generic RSS Feed. We will still be broadcasting once a week during the MLS season. The only difference will be that all shows going forward will also be available via the Once a Metro site. We still strive to bring our listeners the best product that we can, with our goal being to talk about our favorite team, the New York Red Bulls, while also having some fun, and we have some big plans for 2014.

You can follow the Red Bull Rant on Twitter at @RedBullRant.

You can follow Once a Metro on Twitter at @Once_A_Metro.