Jason Iapicco (@DoctaStooge) fell in love with the Red Bulls after attending a match on June 2nd, 2010. After sitting in the upper deck above the South Ward, and watching Juan Pablo Angel finesse a stoppage time winner against Houston, he was hooked. Unfortunately for him, the bug bit him just as he was being re-located to Maryland for work. You will see him at matches in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., as well as the occasional match at Red Bull Arena. Jason is also a blogger for SB Nation’s Red Bull Blog, Once A Metro.

Patrick MacDonald (@PMacD82) started following the Red Bulls in 2010 with the opening of Red Bull Arena. He later started writing about the team on Patrick also currently writes for Empire of Soccer’s US Soccer section.

Truman (@theTruman) is a 16 year Metrostar/Red Bull supporter. He is also a former star defender (for Thomas Conley Middle School), and star manager (for local rec team). Aside from the Red Bull Rant, he also is a blogger for to boot!